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BDB Launches Fitness Classes

BDB has launched an online fitness program for everybody to enjoy.

With fitness and health being at the centre of the projects aims during these times of lockdown, BDB has embarked on the quest to get more and more people of all ages and backgrounds to participate in healthy fitness activities, even from the comfort or restrictions of their own homes.

From the Sports Lounge Centre in Leicester, local sporting and fitness talents joined the gang to provide online videos to demonstrate and encourage those at home to get their bodies moving.

The sessions kicked off with our British Champ Boxer, Kelton McKenzie (seen above), with his boxercise fitness sessions to build tone, strength, stamina and core fitness.

To view Kelton’s introduction to Boxercise click here!

For those who love to dance we had the joy of working with Lucy Bailey who provided us with some great fun ways to use dance to maintain fitness.

Lucy demonstrated Dance-Fit and Bolly-Fit exercise routines to help us limber up.

The BDB Team says this is just the start of an ongoing project to provide live and online fitness classes that anybody can join and enjoy.

We look forward to seeing more and more classes come online as time goes on and we would encourage everybody to get involved and take full advantage of this wonderful effort by our local talent.

To view Lucy’s introduction to Dance-Fit Classes click here!

To view the BDB Youtube Channel and all our fitness videos click here!