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Community support is essential for building and maintaining a thriving and prosperous society. It involves people coming together to contribute their time, skills, and resources to support their local community in various ways. Whether it’s volunteering at a local charity, participating in community events, or simply checking in on your neighbours, community support is all about creating a sense of belonging, connection, and support within the community.


When people come together to support their community, they can help to build strong and resilient neighbourhoods that are better equipped to face challenges and create positive change. This can include initiatives such as community clean-ups, local fundraising campaigns, and support for vulnerable members of the community.


In the context of the BDB Charity, community support can involve promoting and organising soccer events and programs that bring people together in a fun and exciting way. By encouraging children and families to participate in live soccer events and connect with others in the community, the BDB Charity can help to foster a sense of community spirit and belonging.


Overall, community support is about building a strong and cohesive community that works together to create positive change and support one another through challenges. By coming together and supporting our local community, we can create a brighter future for all.

Hire equipment at community rates

Mini Bus

Nine seater, including seatbelts, airbags, airconditioned, manual, petrol, fits up to 8 bags



Small portable projector & large inflatable projector

Mic and speakers

Two wireless mics high performance and large speakers


Blue padded cushioned chairs with silver frames



Rectangle white foldable tables 



Red velvet rope and gold post to create a walk way or VIP section




Did you know Breaking Down Barriers also support community sporting groups by sourcing sporting equipment, kit and amongst other things. Just get in discuss and let us see how we can help you.


To enquire about these products contact bookings@bdbuk.org