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  • If I have less then three sessions per week can I still be a partner?

    The partnership package is only for those who run three physical or mental health sessions per week. However, you can still be an associate and put in a proposal and BDB will see what other ways it can support you.

  • If I miss a week to send you images/ videos would I still get paid?

    Part of the terms of the package is that the charity has to receive the proof of deliverables. If these are not received on a weekly bases they can not release the funds in accordance to their grant funder

  • I have sent you all the proof why are you not promoting my sessions?

    The proof that you are running the sessions are for the charity to justify the grant. However, as the charity grows and receives thousands of images and videos a week, it can not upload everything. The charity also has strict guidelines on what it can promote. Note the package is for the charity to support you in the way it can but should not be your only form of marketing.

  • I don't have a website can I still be a partner?

    Absolutely, many of our partners are small organisations or single individuals delivering to the community. All we ask is that you have a social media presence and show us that you are posting things to promote your sessions and gain sign ups. The charity also offers as part of the package the opportunity for you to have a page on the BDB website and for your sessions to go on the BDB sports calendar to allow you to refer your attendees to. WE can also support you and advise you when you do look to getting a website created.

  • How do I edit the information about my course on your calendar?

    Please email all changes to info@bdbuk.org Subject 'changes to website calendar' and wait 72 for the changes to be implemented. If the changes are urgent please call the BDB phone number and we will try to support you in any way we can

  • What locations is this offered to?

    The Partnership Package is a nationwide offering and is open to anyone who offers sport or mental health related courses/ classes/ sessions and meet the criteria set.