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Hope in Cameroon

CAR refugees were overjoyed by the support received from BDB (Breaking Down Barriers).

Representatives of the refugees as well as elders of the local village agreed that the initiative had proven to bring harmony and joy to an otherwise fragile situation.

The football tournament had brought together people in a way that nothing else could and paved the way for positive and constructive relations amongst the refugees and with their hosts.

The BDB recently found themselves working in Cameroon, where there exists a refugee camp known as the Lolo Camp.


Lolo is a village in Kadney District, in the Eastern Region of Cameroon, which had a population of about 2,000 up until the end of 2013.


In the first months of 2014, the village of Lolo became home to approximately 10,000 refugees fleeing the Central African Republic.


In order to create a harmony with the local population and provide healthy activities for the Refugees, BDB got involved to provide equipment and support to create a football tournament which has proven to be a great success.

Refugees watch on as football puts a smile on everyones face