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Sports Support

Smiling Faces all-round, Breaking Down Barriers has launched its Sports Support initiative with a focus on providing new sports equipment to families and individuals with the aim of encouraging them to take up sporting activity, for greater physical and mental health and wellbeing. The program is currently being rolled out in Leicester but soon hopes to be able to reach other parts of England and the UK.


“Happy faces, and healthy hearts! That’s what we are all about!”, said Ian Cattanach, charity secretary for Breaking Down Barriers, (seen on the right in the image above), as he handed the packages to the smiling youngsters.


“We have been wanting to do this for a long time and we see this as a great way to connect to local people and give them a little hand on their way to greater wellbeing and health.” said Ian. “Sometimes it only takes a simple gesture to get people thinking about their health and enjoying themselves while they play sports. Whether it’s a football, skipping rope or a tracksuit, whatever we give out we know that a little can go a long way to making a difference in someone’s life, especially the youngsters.”

Randolph Hunter of BDB seen above presenting local children with their new sports equipment.


Ikram Patel, Director of the Ownz Group told us “There is no doubt that during the last year, due to the pandemic, that many people, old and young, have found themselves constrained at home with gyms and schools closed and movement outdoors restricted. Keeping fit and healthy and maintaining a good diet certainly isn’t easy for most people and the circumstances of the past year have really impacted on the physical and mental health of the majority of people. We saw this initiative by BDB as a great way to give something back and remind people of the importance and the benefits of taking care of their health.”


The aim is that the scheme will grow in popularity and scale and will go hand in hand with another BDB initiative to create local leagues for various team sports for males and females, culminating in a National league for the many associations and community support groups across the UK.

Aisha Mohamed of BDB seen above presenting local children with their new sports equipment


He continued to tell us that the Charity had received great support from the Ownz Group, based in Leicester and principal sponsor of the effort and who have committed to purchasing new sports equipment on a monthly basis to distribute amongst the local community. Ian hoped the initiative would encourage other businesses and entities to follow the example of the Ownz Group in providing support for health and wellbeing to the local people.


BDB have currently started their distribution of sports equipment amongst registered members of the ‘Ownz Club’, an initiative set up by the Ownz Group to create local networks within the community to promote health and prosperity at a community level. BDB also wants to connect to other associations and help groups within the city so as to broaden its reach. “We can’t realistically just go knocking on doors but what we can do is find those local groups who know their neighbourhoods and the people and families living in them with a view to providing support where it’s most needed. We would love to sit down with anybody who has a good idea for supporting community wellbeing and we encourage any cooperation that’s going to do something positive for the people.” Said Ian.

BDB would like to ask readers to let us know if there is a need in your area for sports support, or a situation where you feel BDB could be helpful. We also welcome any ideas and initiatives to help get people fit, healthy and happy. send us a message or an email and a member of our team will get back to you at the soonest.