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World Mental Health Day

This day is a prompt for us to reignite our efforts to protect and improve our mental health. We all experienced isolation, and the move towards working from home means many of us still spend time alone. We might have had other health stresses or feel anxious about the current news and climate.

We all have mental health, and life is full of ups and downs for us all.

We are encouraged to take an hour out to reflect on our lives, and where we might implement some positive habits because you deserve to be happy. 

Here are 10 steps we can take today to begin making positive changes or creating healthy habits: 

1.  Connect with other people

2.  Be physically active 

4.  Practice mindfulness and pay attention to the present moment

5.  Learn a new skill

6.  Give to others 

7.  Live a healthy life 

8.  Reframe unhelpful thoughts 

9.  Get good sleep 

10.  Do something for yourself 

11.  Talking